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E854: Magnificent Aquamarine Earrings. 18K White Gold Drop Earrings set with 3.79carat in Gorgeous Aquamarine Pears and 0.32carat in Diamonds


WE116: 14K White Gold Earrings set with 1.25carat Blue Sapphires and 0.35carat in Diamonds

WE110: 14K White Gold and Sapphire Earrings set with 2.76carat in Bright Royal blue Sapphires and 0.30carat in Diamond

14K White Gold Hand Carved Sapphire and Diamond Earrings featuring 6.79carat Natural Blue Sapphires and 0.50carat in Diamonds

E931: 18K White Gold Earrings with 0.83carat in Blue Sapphires and 0.15carat in Diamonds

E930: 18K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Earrings with 0.75carat in Blue Sapphires and 0.37carat in Diamonds

E894: 14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Hoops with 0.20carat in Blue Sapphires and 0.10carat in Diamonds

E716: 14K White Gold Blue Sapphire Hoops set with 1.00carat in Natural Blue Sapphires

14K Rose Gold Hoops set with 0.20carat in Diamonds and 0.25carat in Blue Sapphires.

E512: 14K White Gold Earrings set with 1.25carat in Blue Diamonds and 0.10carat in Yellow Sapphires 


E511: 14K White Gold and Ruby Earrings set with 0.92carat in Ruby and 0.22carat in Diamonds

E948: 14K White Gold Diamond and Ruby Hoops with 0.25carat in Rubies and 0.17carat in Diamonds


E902: Handmade 14K White Gold Earrings set with 4 carat  total weight slice Tanzanite and 0.40carat in Diamond 


E407: 14K White Gold and Peridot Earrings set with 1.82carat in Peridot and 0.15carat in Diamonds

E883: 18K White Gold Peridot and
 Diamond Earrings set with 4.00carat in Peridot


Handmade 18K Yellow Gold Fine 1.73carat total weight Ethiopian Opal Earrings

Multiple Gemstones

E383: 14K White Gold Amethyst, Citrine and Blue Topaz Earrings 


P775: 14K White Gold 1.80carat Teal Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant: $1,595
E755: 14K White Gold Matching 3.35carat Total Weight Teal Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings: $2,850

E901: 14K White Gold and Pink Tourmaline Earrings set with 1.43carat Total Weight in Pink Tourmaline and 0.20carat in Diamond

E593: Handmade 14K White Gold Tourmaline Earrings 


E594: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 2= 1.58carat Apatite Earrings 


E995: 14K Yellow Gold 3.07carat Spessartite Garnet and 0.20carat Diamond Earrings 

E889: 14K Rose Gold Earrings set with 0.58carat in Rhodolite Garnets and O.10carat in Diamonds

E923: 14K Rose Gold 2.34carat Rhodolie Garnet and Diamond Earrings 

E813: 14K White Gold 3.73carat Total Weight Garnet Earrings

WE114: 14K Yellow Gold Garnet Drop Earrings 


14K White Gold Inside-Outside Diamond Hoops set with 1.00carat in Diamonds

WE106: 14K White Gold and Black Diamond Inside-Outside Hoops set with 0.25carat in Natural Black Diamonds

WE107 14K Rose and White Gold Earrings set with 2.05carat Brown Diamonds and 0.35carat in Diamonds

WE104: 14K White Gold 3.00 carat total weight Chocolate  White Diamond Earrings

E751: 18K White Gold Natural White and Cognac Diamond Hoops featuring 1.00carat in Diamonds

E715: 14K Rose Gold and Diamond Earrings set with 0.40carat in Cognac Diamonds and 0.35carat in White Diamonds

WE109 14K White Gold Pave Oval Diamond Earrings set with 0.52carat in Diamonds

E933: 14K White Gold and Diamond Earrings set with 0.50carat in Diamonds

WE102 14K White Gold 2=0.74carat Champaign Diamonds and 0.57carat White Diamonds

E795 18K White Gold 0.70carat Yellow Diamond Earrings accented in 0.50carat White Diamonds

E627 14K White Gold 0.36carat Diamond Hoops 

WE105: 14K White Gold and 0.35carat Diamond Earrings

E922 14K Rose Gold 0.13carat Diamond Cluster Earrings 

E920 14K Yellow Gold 0.22carat Diamond Cluster Earrings 

E921 14K White Gold 0.22carat Diamond Cluster Earrings 

E940 14K White Gold 0.25carat Diamond Earrings 

14K Yellow Gold "X O" Diamond Earrings 

E919: 14K White Gold Diamond Earrings set with 0.27carat in Diamonds

E834: Timeless and Elegant 14K White Gold Earrings set with 0.25carat in Diamonds

E807: 18K White Gold Earrings set with 2.60carat total weight Blue Zircons and .24carat in Diamonds.

WE103: 14K White Gold Earrings set with 2.83carat in Blue Zircon and .50carat in Diamonds

E792: 14K White Gold Earrings set with 4carat Total Weight Blue Zircons and 0.20carat Total Weight in Diamonds

E890: 14K White Gold 2.60carat Zircon and Diamond Earrings 


E924: 14K Rose Gold and Morganite Earrings set with 1.33carat Total in Morganite and 0.20carat in Diamonds


E890: 14K Rose Gold Hoops with 7.5mm Pearl Dangles 

E681: 14K White Gold Chocolate Pearl Earrings set with 0.02carat in Diamonds

E699: 14K White Gold Black Pearl and Diamond Earrings 

E945: 14K Yellow Gold Tahitian Pearl Earrings accented with 0.10carat in Diamonds

14K White Gold Black Pearl Earrings surrounded by 0.20carat in Diamonds

WE111: 14K White Gold Pearl Earrings set with 8mm Pearls and 0.16carat in Diamonds

WE115: 14K White Gold 6.5mm Pearls and 0.04carat Diamond accents

E553: 14K White Gold Pearl Earrings with 0.20carat in Diamonds


E941: 14K Yellow Gold Chalcedony Earrings set with 0.25carat in Diamonds


E942: 18K Yellow Gold Lavender Jade Earrings set with Beautiful pale Lavender Jade and 1.00carat in Champagne Diamonds