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Aquamarine Earrings

Aquamarine Jewelry
E854: Magnificent Aquamarine Earrings. 18K White Gold Drop Earrings 
set with 3.79carat in Gorgeous Aquamarine Pears 
and 0.32carat in Diamonds

14K White Gold 0.84carat Aquamarine Earrings 
set in 0.22carat Diamond Halos 

E581 14K White Gold 1.22carat Aquamarine Earrings 

E853 14K Yellow Gold 1.00carat Aquamarine Earrings 

E1051 14K Rose Gold 2.00carat Aquamarine Slice Earrings 
accented by 0.29carat in Diamonds

E946 14K White Gold 0.32carat Aquamarine 
and 0.20carat Diamond Halo Earrings

E851 14K White Gold 0.77carat Aquamarine 
and 0.10carat Diamond Earrings 

Aquamarine Jewelry