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Diamond Earrings

Diamond Jewelry  
E801: 14K White Gold Inside-Outside Diamond Hoops 
set with 1.00carat in Diamonds

WE107 14K Rose and White Gold Earrings
 set with 2.05carat Brown Diamonds and 0.35carat in Diamonds

WE104: 14K White Gold 3.00 carat total weight Chocolate 
and White Diamond Earrings

E933: 14K White Gold and Diamond Earrings 
set with 0.50carat in Diamonds

WE102 14K White Gold 2=0.74carat Champaign Diamonds
 and 0.57carat White Diamonds

E795 18K White Gold 0.70carat Yellow Diamond Earrings 
accented in 0.50carat White Diamonds

E940 14K White Gold 0.25carat Diamond Earrings 

WE117: 14K Yellow Gold "X O" Diamond Earrings 

E834: Timeless and Elegant 14K White Gold Earrings 
set with 0.25carat in Diamonds

E1059: 18K Yellow Gold and 0.18carat Diamond Earrings

WE106: 14K White Gold and Black Diamond Inside-Outside Hoops 
set with 0.25carat in Natural Black Diamonds

E715: 14K Rose Gold and Diamond Earrings
 set with 0.40carat in Cognac Diamonds 
and 0.35carat in White Diamonds

E751: 18K White Gold Natural White and Cognac Diamond Hoops 
featuring 1.00carat in Diamonds

E627 14K White Gold 0.36carat Diamond Hoops 

WE105: 14K White Gold and 0.35carat Diamond Earrings

E922 14K Rose Gold 0.13carat Diamond Cluster Earrings 

E920 14K Yellow Gold 0.22carat Diamond Cluster Earrings 

E921 14K White Gold 0.22carat Diamond Cluster Earrings 

E919: 14K White Gold Diamond Earrings 
set with 0.27carat in Diamonds

Diamond Jewelry