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Sapphire Earrings

Sapphire Jewelry  
WE116: 14K White Gold Earrings set with 1.25carat Blue Sapphires 
and 0.35carat in Diamonds

14K Rose Gold Hoops set with 0.20carat in Diamonds
 and 0.25carat in Blue Sapphires.

E1041: 14K White Gold 0.50carat in Blue Sapphires
 and 0.02carat in Diamonds

E1044: 18K White Gold Bezel Set 1.00carat Sapphire Earrings 

E169: 14K White Gold 1.15carat Blue Sapphire
 and Diamond Earrings

WE110: 14K White Gold and Sapphire Earrings 
set with 2.76carat in Bright Royal blue Sapphires 
and 0.30carat in Diamond

E1077: 14K White Gold 1.43carat Blue Sapphire Earrings
 with 0.20carat in Diamonds

E931: 18K White Gold Earrings with 0.83carat in Blue Sapphires 
and 0.15carat in Diamonds

E1056: 14K White Gold Hoops set with 
0.33carat in Blue Sapphire and 0.25carat in Diamonds

E512: 14K White Gold Earrings set with 1.25carat in Blue Diamonds
 and 0.10carat in Yellow Sapphires 

E930: 18K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Earrings 
with 0.75carat in Blue Sapphires and 0.37carat in Diamonds

Sapphire Jewelry