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Amethyst Jewelry

R2015 14K White Gold Ring set with a 0.75carat Bezel Set Amethyst accented by 0.06carat in Diamonds

R1285: 14K White Gold 2.00carat Amethyst Ring
 accented with 0.15carat in Diamonds

R1673 14K White Gold 1carat Amethyst Ring 
with a 0.10carat Diamond Halo

WR113 14K White Gold Diamond and 
Amethyst Ring 

R2029: 14K White Gold Stackable Ring 
set with a 1.10carat Amethyst 

R925 14K Two-tone Gold Ring set with a center Amethyst and 0.16carat in Diamonds

R2027: 14K White Gold Ring 
set with Amethyst and Blue Topaz 
Accented with 0.10carat in Diamonds

R2092: 14K White Gold Amethyst Ring 
set with a 0.96carat Amethyst and 0.10carat in Diamonds

WR233: 14K White Gold Ring set with a 0.70carat Amethyst
 and 0.02carat in Diamonds

14K White Gold 0.50carat Amethyst and 0.25carat Diamond Pendant

P1012 14K White Gold Amethyst and 0.15carat Diamond Pendant

WP148 14K White Gold Diamond 
and Carved Amethyst Pendant

P538: 14K White Gold Pendant set with a 1.00carat Amethyst

P431 14K White Gold Amethyst 
and 0.03carat Diamond Pendant 

P657 14K White Gold Amethyst Pendant 

WP145 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst and Diamond Pendant 

P1075 14K Rose Gold Pendant set with a 0.60carat Amethyst and 0.20carat in Diamonds

P70: 14K Yellow Gold 1.30carat Amethyst Pendant 

WP200: 18K Yellow Gold 1.81carat Amethyst
 and 0.10carat in Diamonds

P1118 14K White Gold 3.70carat Amethyst and Diamond Necklace

E1038: 14K Rose Gold Earrings set with 
1.20carat in Amethyst and 0.05carat in Diamonds

E1040: 14K Yellow Gold Earrings set with 2.00carat 
Amethyst and 0.50carat in Diamonds 

E1049: 14K White Gold 1.97carat Amethyst Earrings
 set with 0.14carat in Diamonds

E50: 14K White Gold 0.90carat Amethyst Earrings

E908: 14K White Gold 5mm Amethyst Earrings

B656: Sterling Silver Amethyst and Pearl Bracelet