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Aquamarine Jewelry

WP177: 14K White Gold Pendant set with a 2.32carat Center Aquamarine and 0.88carat in Natural Brown Diamonds

P999: 14K Rose Gold Necklace set with a beautiful center Aqua slice and 0.20carat in Diamonds

P940: 14K White Gold Pendant set with a 2.87carat Aquamarine and 0.10carat Diamond 

14K White Gold Pendant set with a 0.88 oval Aquamarine and 0.05carat in Diamonds

P1177: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 7carat Aquamarine and 0.33carat Diamond Pendant 

P1140: 14K Rose Gold Necklace set with a beautiful
1.75carat Aquamarine and 0.25carat in Diamonds

P1144: 14K White Gold Pendant set 
with a 1.28carat Aquamarine
 and 0.13carat in Diamonds

P1074: 14K White Gold Necklace set with a 1.00carat Aquamarine and 0.10carat in Diamonds

WP176: 14K White Gold Aquamarine Pendant set with one 1.50carat Aquamarine and 0.25carat in Diamonds 

R1856: Incredible 14K White Gold 1.84carat Oval Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

R1752 14K White Gold 1.00carat Aquamarine Ring surrounded by 0.16carat in Diamonds

WR145: 18K White Gold set with a 0.91carat Aquamarine and 0.25carat Diamond accents

WR153: 2.12 carat total weight Auqamarine ring. 
The trillion cut aquamarine is perfectly surrounded by .25 carat total weight in diamond and secured in the 14k white gold setting.

R2035: 14K White Gold Ring set with a 1.58carat Aquamarine
 and 0.50carat in Diamonds

R2078: 14K White and Rose Gold Aquamarine Ring 
set with a 0.83carat Aquamarine and 0.21carat in Diamonds

R2036: 14K White Gold Ring set with a 1.40carat Aquamarine
 and 0.35carat in Diamonds

WR137 14K White Gold 1.11carat Aquamarine Ring Accented set with 0.20carat in Diamonds

R2094: 14K White Gold 1.04carat Aquamarine Ring with 0.20carat in Diamonds

R2054: 18K White Gold 1.84carat Aquamarine Ring 
accented with 0.07carat in Diamonds

WR161: 1.29carat Aquamarine is set in a 14k white gold setting with 1.00carat total weight in diamond set in the shoulders. 

14K White Gold 1.50carat Aquamarine Ring accented with 0.12carat in Diamonds

E854: Magnificent Aquamarine Earrings. 18K White Gold Drop Earrings set with 3.79carat in Gorgeous Aquamarine Pears and 0.32carat in Diamonds

E1051 14K Rose Gold 2.00carat Aquamarine 
Slice Earrings accented by 0.29carat in Diamonds

14K White Gold 0.84carat Aquamarine Earrings 
set in 0.22carat Diamond Halos 

E581 14K White Gold 1.22carat Aquamarine Earrings 

E853 14K Yellow Gold 1.00carat Aquamarine Earrings 

E851 14K White Gold 0.77carat Aquamarine and 0.10carat Diamond Earrings 

E946 14K White Gold 0.32carat Aquamarine and 0.20carat Diamond Halo Earrings