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Blue Topaz Jewelry

R1724 Two-tone 1.72carat Blue Topaz ring accented with 0.25carat in Diamonds

R1813 14K White Gold 1.48carat Blue Topaz and 0.20carat Diamond Ring

WR130 14K White Gold 1.00carat Blue Topaz Ring surrounded by 0.10carat in Diamonds

WR138: 14K White Gold Twist Style Ring set with a center 0.20carat Blue Topaz and 0.10carat in Diamonds.

R1135: 14K White Gold Ring with detailed Diamond Accents, a 2.23carat center Blue Topaz and 0.20carat in Diamonds.

P730 14K White Gold 1carat Blue Topaz and 0.06carat Diamond Pendant

WN124: 14K Rose Gold 1.42carat London Blue Topaz
Pendant with 0.23carat in Diamonds

P850 14K White Gold 2.50carat Blue Topaz and 0.06carat Diamond Pendant

          WP109 14K White and Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Heart Pendant 

14K White Gold 4.47carat Blue Topaz Earrings 

WE155: 14K Rose Gold 1.76carat London Blue Topaz Earrings
set with 0.27carat in Diamonds

14K White Gold 1.96carat Blue Topaz Earrings

E1042: 14K White Gold Earrings set with 
5.71carat in London Blue Topaz 

E867 14K White Gold 3.36carat Blue Topaz Earrings