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Garnet Jewelry

R1494: Gorgeous Demantoid Garnet and Diamond Ring. This double halo ring consists of a 3.76carat rare Demantoid Garnet from the Ural Mountains surrounded by 1.00carat in Diamonds, all set into an elegant 14K White Gold mounting.

R1680: 18K White Gold Ring set with a bright 1.57carat Tsavorite Garnet and 0.50carat in Diamonds.

R1821: 14K White Gold Diamond and Hessonite Garnet Ring set with a 1.17carat Hessonite Garnet and 0.27carat in Diamonds

R2059: 14K Yellow Gold 0.35carat Demantoid Garnet Ring 

WR159: Rare and beautiful. 14K White Gold 2.98carat Natural Grape Garnet and 1.17carat Diamond Ring

R1794: 14K White Gold Stunning 4.24carat Rare Pure Purple Garnet with 0.40carat in accent diamonds

R1790: 14K White Gold 2.29carat Rare Purple Garnet and 0.20carat in Diamonds

R1792: 14K White Gold 0.80carat Purple Garnet and 0.30carat Diamond Ring

WR109: 14K White Gold Grape Garnet Ring set with a 2.82carat Garnet and 0.25carat in Diamonds

WR101: 14K White Gold Ring with delicate filigree details, 0.40carat in Diamonds and a gorgeous 2.36carat Grape Garnet. 

14K White Gold Ring set with a 0.44carat center Grape Garnet and 0.40carat in Diamonds

R2082: 14K Rose Gold Garnet Ring set with a 1.81carat Garnet and 0.14carat in Diamonds 

R2001 14K White Gold 2.90carat Garnet Ring accented in 0.20carat in Diamonds

R1472: Very fun Spessartite Garnet and Diamond ring set with a 3.80carat Spessartite Garnet

R1570: 18K Yellow and White Gold set with an amazing 4.11carat Spessertite Garnet and .86carat in Diamonds

R1779: Handmade 18K Yellow Gold Stackable Ring set with a very rare 0.81carat Andradite Garnet and 0.15carat in Champagne Diamonds 

WR100: 18K yellow gold with a mandarin orange garnet weighing 1.40ct and .80ct tw in a diamond pave ring. 

R1963: 14K White Gold 1.54 Pyrope Garnet and 0.65carat in Diamonds

R1723: 14K White Gold 2.60carat Rich Red Garnet with 0.18carat in Diamonds

R1847: 14K Yellow Gold Handmade Ring set with an awesome 2.65carat Garnet

R2075: 14K White White and Rose Gold Garnet Ring
set with a 1.48carat Garnet and 0.36carat in Diamonds

R2068: 14K White Gold 2.41carat Red Garnet Ring

P1019: 14K White Gold Vintage Inspired Garnet Pendant featuring a 1.35carat Garnet and 0.15carat in Diamonds

P1148: 14K White Gold 1.18carat Garnet Pendant
 accented with 0.18carat in Diamonds

WP174: 14K White and Yellow Gold 2.00carat Garnet Pendant with 0.15carat in Diamonds

P1003: 14K Rose Gold Pendant set with a beautiful 1.64carat Grape Garnet and 0.15carat in Diamonds

P1004: 14K White Gold Pendant set with a 0.64carat Grape Garnet and 0.10carat in Diamonds

14K White Gold Garnet Pendant set with a 0.75carat Garnet 

P1006: 14K White Gold Pendant set with a gorgeous 2.04carat Spessartite Garnet and 0.50carat in Diamonds

P1078: 14K Rose Gold Pendant with 2.13carat Garnet and 0.04carat Diamond

WP171: 14K White Gold Pendant set with 0.35carat in Diamonds and a center 1.83carat Spessartite Garnet 

P1110: 14K White Gold 0.60carat Tsavorite Garnet and 0.10carat Diamond Ring

WP122: The 14K white gold checker board cut green amethyst 5.50ct and tsavorite .48ct tw pendant 
has diamond detailing on the corners and bail.

WP163: 18K White Gold pendant set with 1.00carat Tsavorite Garnet and 0.04carat in Diamonds.

P982: 14K White Gold set with 0.18carat in Tsavorite Garnets and 0.06carat in Diamonds

P1149: 14K White Gold Pendant set with 0.63carat Garnet and 0.06carat in Diamonds

WE114: 14K Yellow Gold Garnet Drop Earrings 

E995: 14K Yellow Gold 3.07carat Spessartite Garnet and 0.20carat Diamond Earrings 

E923: 14K Rose Gold 2.34carat Rhodolie Garnet and Diamond Earrings 

E889: 14K Rose Gold Earrings set with 0.58carat in Rhodolite Garnets and O.10carat in Diamonds

E813: 14K White Gold 3.73carat Total Weight Garnet Earrings

WE152: 14K White Gold Earrings set with 1.85carat in Garnets and 0.25carat in Diamonds

WE154: 14K White Gold 2.95carat Garnets Earrings 
accented by 0.20carat in Diamonds

E915: 14K White Gold 1.97carat Garnet Earrings

E1022: 14K White Gold Tsavorite Garnet Earrings
 featuring 0.72carat in Garnets and 0.10carat in Diamonds

E1046: 14K White Gold 0.99carat Tsavorite Garnet Earrings