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Jade Jewelry

N265: Large Carved Jade Beads

N235: Natural Green and Amber colored Jade Rope Necklace

P1143: 14K Yellow Gold Jade Foodog/Turtle 

N304: Lavender and Moss Jade Jar Necklace

N303: Carved Lavender and Green Jade Necklace

Blue/Gray Jade Bead Neckalce

18K Yellow Gold Carved Jade Pendant
 meaning "long life" 

14K Yellow Gold Black Jade Pendant featuring hand carved Leopards 

14K Yellow Gold carved Green Jade
 Monkey and Peach Pendant

P1122 14K Yellow Gold Bright Green 
Jade Pendant 

14K Yellow Gold Green Jade "Water Dragon" Pendant

14K Yellow Gold Hand Cared Bird and Lotus Jade Pendant 
14K Yellow Gold Mint Jade Ring surrounded by 0.20carat in Diamonds

14K Yellow Gold Jade ring featuring Very Fine Green Jade and 0.75carat in Diamonds

14K Yellow Gold Ring featuring a Fine Hand Carved Jade center

R2022 18K White Gold Beautiful Frost White Jade Ring
 with 0.50carat in Diamonds

R2020 14K Yellow and White Gold Green Jade Ring 
with 0.04carat in Diamonds

18K Yellow Gold Ring set with rich Butterscotch Yellow Jade and Diamond accents

R2019 14K Yellow and White Gold Butterscotch 
Jade Ring with 0.08carat in Diamond Accents

R2021: 18K White Gold Ice Jade Ring 
set with 0.30carat in Diamonds

E942: 18K Yellow Gold Lavender Jade Earrings set with Beautiful pale Lavender Jade and 1.00carat in Champagne Diamonds

These great drop earrings are all natural jade. The jade is set in 14k yellow gold. 
The earrings are non-pierced screwbacks, but can always be converted. 

Multi-color Natural Jade Bead Bracelet