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Morganite Jewelry

E924: 14K Rose Gold and Morganite Earrings set with 1.33carat Total in Morganite and 0.20carat in Diamonds

E1012 14K Rose Gold 2=.69carat Morganite and 0.04carat in Diamond accents

E952: 14K Rose Gold 1.75carat Morganite Earrings 

R1820: 14K Rose Gold Ring set with a 1.42carat Morganite and 0.23carat in Diamonds

WR114: 14K Rose Gold and 0.95carat Oval Morganite and 0.06carat Diamond Ring

R1788: 14K Rose gold and 0.84carat Oval Morganite and 0.10carat Diamond Ring

R1977: 14K Rose Gold Morganite Ring
 set with a 1.50carat Morganite and 0.06carat in Diamonds

P1120 14K Rose Gold 0.41carat Morganite and 0.02carat in Diamonds