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Opal Jewelry

                                                                                         Raw Opal on white Background. Shallow focus. Adobe RGB.
WR184: 18K White Gold Ring set with a 1.85carat Ethiopian Opal and 1.06carat in Diamonds. 

R1452: 2.48 carat opal is just GLOWING with color! It is set in a 14k white gold halo with three round diamonds on each shoulder.

WR175: 14K Rose Gold Ring set with a stunning 4.08carat Ethiopian Opal and 0.31carat in Diamonds

R1819: 14K Rose Gold and Opal Ring set with a 3.04carat Ethiopian Opal and 0.38carat in Diamonds

R1428 14K White Gold Stunning Rare 
4.96carat Mexican Fire Opal Ring 
accented in 0.50carat in Diamonds

R2088: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 2.50carat Black Opal Ring

R2087: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 2.01carat Black Opal Ring

R1818: 14K Rose Gold and beautiful 1.44carat Ethiopian Opal Ring

R1850: One of a kind Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 0.72carat Black Opal and Diamond Ring 

R1843: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold Ring with a 1.63carat Bezel Set Opal and 0.10carat in accent Diamonds

R2045: 14K Rose Gold 0.24carat Opal and Diamond Ring

R1835 14K Rose Gold 0.91carat Ethiopian Opal 
and 0.35carat Diamond Ring

R2034 14K Yellow Gold 1.36carat Opal Ring with 0.50carat in Diamonds

P1095: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 4.99carat Black Opal and Diamond Necklace 

WP104: Incredible Mexican Fire Opal Pendant set with 18K Yellow Gold and Diamonds

Sunning and Rare Queensland Boulder Opal 
"Fairy Stone" 9.5mm Bead Necklace

P547: Hand-made one of a kind Australian Black opal and Diamond Pendant. The 3.05carat Australian Black Opal is alive with fire. Rich vibrant reds, purples, greens and blues flash through the stone. A 0.33carat Marquise Diamond completes this custom 14K White Gold pendant. 

P919 14K Rose Gold Pendant featuring a Stunning 2.25carat 
Ethiopian Opal and 0.11carat in Diamonds

P960: 14K Rose Gold Necklace set with .44carat in Diamonds and a 6.95carat Center Opal

P1188: 14K White Gold Pendant set with an incredible 
3.89carat Boulder Opal and 0.05carat in Diamonds

N260: Sterling Silver Orange Ethiopian Opal Bead Necklace

P941: 14K Rose Gold Pendant, 2.69carat Ethiopian Opal with 0.04carat Diamond.

P616 14K White Gold Black Opal Pendant
Featuring 0.26carat in Diamonds and a 1.01carat Black Opal

P1139 14K Yellow Gold Bolder Opal Pendant set with one 4.62carat Bolder Opal and 0.06carat in Diamonds

P:1106: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 0.82carat Ethiopian Opal Necklace

N292 14K White Gold Handmade 8.63carat Opal Pendant featuring 0.25carat in Diamonds

P1152: 14K White Gold and Black Rhodium
 Opal Necklace with a 3.10carat Black Opal and 0.25carat in Diamonds 

E1006 14K Yellow Gold 2=0.95carat Opal Earrings 

E1007 14K Yellow Gold 2=1.24carat Ethiopian Opal Earrings surrounded by 0.25carat in Diamonds

E1008: 14K Yellow Gold Earrings set with 
1.52carat Ethiopian Opals

E1009 14K White Gold 2=1.75carat Opal Earrings 
surrounded by 0.30carat in Diamonds

E1027: 14K Yellow Gold Opal Earrings
 set with 0.80carat in Opals
 and 0.02carat in Diamond Accents 

E937: 14K Yellow Gold Opal Earrings 

E882: Sterling Silver Orange Ethiopian Opal Bead Earrings

B652: Sterling Silver Ethiopian Opal Bracelet
made of 29carats in Opal

B651: Sterling Silver Opal Bead Bracelet
made of 38carats in Opal

B650: Sterling Silver Opal Bead Bracelet 
made of 28carats in Opal