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Peridot Jewelry

P727: This glowing peridot is 3.74carat total weight is secured by a dual four prong setting. 
The yellow gold prongs as well as the white gold setting are 14k. There are .65carat total weight in diamonds

P922: 14K White Gold Pendant with 1.82carat Center Peridot and 0.50carat in Diamond accents

P1147: 14K White Gold Pendant set with a 
1.98carat Peridot and 0.14carat in Diamonds

P1074 14K White Gold 1.90carat Peridot Pendant 

P711: 14K White Gold Pendant with a
 2.17carat Center Peridot and 0.15carat in Diamonds

P548  14K White Gold  and 1.35carat Peridot Pendant
 accented with 0.02carat in Diamonds
WR146: 14K White Gold Ring set with a Stunning center 4.52carat Peridot and .52carat in Diamonds

WR154: 1.48 carat total weight Peridot is secured in a 14k white gold setting, 
beautifully accented with .30 carat total weight in diamond. 

R1423: 14K Yellow Gold and Paridot Ring. Sparkling 2.10carat center Paridot with .20carat in surrounding Diamonds.

WR158: 14K White Gold and Peridot Ring. 1.65 center Peridot with .25carat in surrounding Diamonds. 

R1602 14K White Gold Ring set with a stunning
 2.04carat Peridot and 0.75carat in Diamonds

WR105: 14K White Gold ithe a 1.40carat center Peridot and .10carat in Diamonds. 

14K White Gold with .65carat center Peridot and diamonds.

R1583: 14K White Gold Ring set with a deep green 1.99carat Peridot

E883: 18K White Gold Peridot and
 Diamond Earrings set with 4.00carat in Peridot

E407: 14K White Gold and Peridot Earrings set with 1.82carat in Peridot and 0.15carat in Diamonds

E1048: 14K Yellow Gold 1.60carat Peridot Earrings