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Tourmaline Jewelry

14K White Gold and Diamond ring set with a beautiful 3.00carat center Peach Tourmaline and 2.00carat in Diamonds. 

R2076: Very Rare 0.91carat Paraiba Tourmaline
with 0.33carat in Diamonds

R1654: Beautiful 18K White Gold Ring set with a gorgeous 2.30carat Pink Tourmaline and 0.30carat in Diamonds

R1707: 18K Yellow Gold Ring with unique free form setting and brushed finished ring shank. Set with one Cabochon Pink Tourmaline and 0.12carat in Diamonds. 

R1839: 14K Yellow Gold and 1.81carat Pink Tourmaline Ring

R1804: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold Tourmaline Ring featuring a 0.77carat Rubellite Tourmaline and 0.10carat in Diamonds

WR182: 14K Yellow Gold Tourmaline Ring set with a 2.19carat center Rubellite Tourmaline and 0.43carat in Diamonds

R2063: Fabulous handmade 14K Rose Gold 
1.96carat Bi-Colored Tourmaline Ring

R1769: 14K White Gold Beautiful 0.70carat Indicolite Tourmaline and 0.12carat in Diamonds

R1837: 14K Yellow Gold Tourmaline and Diamond Ring set with a Teal Green 1.08carat Tourmaline and 0.12carat in Diamonds

R2047: 18K Rose Gold 
1.90carat Rubellite Tourmaline Ring 
set with 0.50carat in Diamonds

WR122: 18K White Gold Ring set wiht 1.01carat Chrome Green Tourmaline and 0.54carat in Diamonds

R2067: 14K Yellow Gold
 1.52carat Green Tourmaline Ring

 R1253: 14K White Gold bright Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring 

R2089: 18K White Gold 1.25carat Tourmaline Ring with 0.60carat in Diamonds

R2031: Handmade 18K Yellow Gold Ring 
set with a 0.80carat Tourmaline

WR183: Incredible 18K White and Yellow Gold with a Stunning 4.37carat Mint Tourmaline and .65carat in Diamonds

R1437: 14K Yellow Gold with an
amazing 12.05carat Center Tourmaline 
and .45carat in Diamonds.

R1270: 18K White Gold Ring with a center 2.26carat Blue Green Tourmaline and .20carat in Diamonds.

WR174: 18K White Gold Beautiful Mint Green Tourmaline and Diamond ring set with a 1.73carat Oval Mint Tourmaline and 0.20carat in Diamonds

R1505: 18K White Gold Light Blue Tourmaline Ring featuring a center 2.01carat Light Blue Tourmaline and 0.50carat in Diamonds

R1708: 18K Yellow Gold Free Form Ring set with a Cabochon Gold Tourmaline and 0.12carat in Diamonds. 

P1121: 14K White Gold 4.42carat Teal Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant: $2,350
E779: 14K White Gold Matching 3.35carat Total Weight Teal Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings: $2,850

WP173: Stunning 14K White Gold 4.44carat Blue-Green Tourmaline Pendant accented by 0.50carat in Diamonds

P1146: 14K White Gold Tourmaline Pendant set with a 
1.94carat Tourmaline and 0.26carat in Diamonds

P504: 18K White Gold Handmade Pendant set with a gorgeous 2.45carat Green Tourmaline and 0.30carat in Diamonds.

P775: 14K White Gold 3.11carat Blue Green Tourmaline Pendant accented by 0.06carat in Diamonds

P1047: Handmade 18K Rose Gold Diamond and Peach Tourmaline Necklace. Beautiful 2.38carat Natural Peach Tourmaline in a 0.25carat Diamond Halo

P894: Beautiful 14K White Gold 2.01carat Watermelon Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant 

P725: 14K White Gold 1.33carat Blue Green Tourmaline and 0.30carat in Diamonds

P1126 14K Yellow Gold 0.60carat Chrome Tourmaline and 0.11carat in Diamonds and Pearl accents 

P1108 18K White Gold Black Rhodium 1.26carat  Purple Tourmaline and 0.05carat in Diamonds

WP180: 14K White Gold and Fancy Cut Green Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant

P1083: 14K Rose Gold handmade pendant with a 1.95carat Bi-color Tourmaline with 0.05carat Diamond accent

WN179: 14K White Gold Pendant set with a 1.06carat center Green Tourmaline and .25carat in Diamonds.

P1046: 18K Yellow Gold Handmade 3.33carat Copper Tourmaline Necklace 

P774: This pendant contains a lovely 1.31carat total weight blue tourmaline set in 14k white gold, 
and accented with .10ct total weight in diamond. 

P971: 18K White Gold Pendant set with a 0.99carat center Green Tourmaline and 0.25carat in Diamonds

P1001: 14K White Gold Green Tourmaline Pendant set with a 0.70carat Green Tourmaline and 0.12carat in Diamonds

E 1016 14K White Gold 1.54carat Tourmaline and 0.25carat in Diamond Earrings 

E593: Handmade 14K White Gold Tourmaline Earrings 

E901: 14K White Gold and Pink Tourmaline Earrings set with 1.43carat Total Weight in Pink Tourmaline and 0.20carat in Diamond

E997 14K White Gold 1.23carat Green Tourmaline Earrings accented in 0.05carat in Diamonds

B540: Raw Natural Tourmaline Bracelet with 14K Yellow Gold.