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Peal Necklaces and Pendants

Pearl Jewelry  
WN105: 14K White Gold 9-11mm Tahitian Pearl Necklace, 18"

WN103: 10MM Peach Freshwater Pearl Necklace

N262: Sterling Silver and Leather Tahitian Peal Necklace

N302: Sterling Silver Biwa Pearl Necklace

P639: 14K White Gold 9.5mm Gold Pearl 
with 0.15carat in Diamonds

P794: 14K White Gold Pendant featuring
 a 9.5mm Chocolate Pearl and 0.07carat in Diamonds

P763: 14K White Gold 7.5mm Pearl Necklace 
accented by 0.25carat in Diamonds

P1112 14K Yellow Gold 0.09carat Diamond 
and Pearl Necklace 

P1103: 14K White Gold 7.5mm Pearl Pendant 
accented with 020carat in Diamonds

P529: 14K White Gold 8mm Pearl Pendant 

WN106: 14K White Gold 12-15mm Tahitian Pearl Necklace

N275: 7mm Fresh Water Pearl Neckalce

N305: Sterling Silver Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace

P1048: 14K White Gold 11.5mm Tahitian Pearl 
with 0.10carat in Diamonds

P911: 18K White Gold 12.5mm Tahitian Pearl Pendant 
accented with 0.40carat in Diamonds

WP160: 14K White Gold 9.5mm Chocolate Pearl
 accented with 0.07carat in Diamonds

WP161: 14k White Gold Freshwater Pearl Necklace 
set with 0.03carat in Diamond

P1153: Handmade Sterling Silver and Abalone Shell Necklace

P777:14K White Gold 7mm Black Pearl Pendant 

   Pearl Jewelry