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Amethyst Rings

Amethyst Jewelry 
R2015 14K White Gold Ring set with a 0.75carat Bezel Set
 Amethyst accented by 0.06carat in Diamonds

R1285: 14K White Gold 2.00carat Amethyst Ring
 accented with 0.15carat in Diamonds

R925 14K Two-tone Gold Ring set with a center Amethyst
 and 0.16carat in Diamonds

R2027: 14K White Gold Ring set with Amethyst and Blue Topaz 
Accented with 0.10carat in Diamonds

WR233: 14K White Gold Ring set with a 0.70carat Amethyst
 and 0.02carat in Diamonds

R1673 14K White Gold 1carat Amethyst Ring 
with a 0.10carat Diamond Halo

WR113 14K White Gold Diamond and 
Amethyst Ring 

R2029: 14K White Gold Stackable Ring 
set with a 1.10carat Amethyst 

R2092: 14K White Gold Amethyst Ring 
set with a 0.96carat Amethyst and 0.10carat in Diamonds

Amethyst Jewelry