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Diamond Rings

Diamond Jewelry 
18K White Gold Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring
 set with a 1.09carat center Fancy Yellow Diamond
 and 0.61carat in side Diamonds 
for a total of 1.70carat in Diamonds

R1730 18K White Gold Diamond Band 
set with 1.25carat in Diamonds

WR163: 18K White Gold Yellow and White Diamond band, 
Stunning .75carat White Diamond and .16 in Yellow Diamonds

R2009 14K White Gold 0.50carat Diamond Band

WR171 14K White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring 
set with 3=1.00carat Total Weight in Diamonds

R2005 14K Two Tone Gold Ring featuring 0.40carat 
in Diamonds circa the 1940's 

R2023: 14K Yellow Gold Ring set 
with 0.01carat in Diamonds

WR244: 14K Yellow Gold and 0.15carat Diamond Ring

R1691 18K White Gold Diamond Ring with 1.20carat in Diamonds 

WR132: 14K White Gold Diamond Ring
 set with a beautiful .59carat center Yellow Diamond 
and .30carat in accent Diamonds

R1420 14K White Gold Ring 
set with 1.00carat in Black and White Diamonds

WR107: 14K White Gold Black and White Diamond Ring 
set with 1.00carat in Black Diamonds 
and 0.50carat in White Diamonds

R1859 14K Rose Gold and 0.18carat Diamond Ring

R1834 14K White Gold Ring set with 0.15carat in Diamonds 

14K White Gold Ring set with 0.50carat in Diamonds

R1783: Naturally Elegant natural Brown Diamond and 
14K Yellow Gold Halo Ring
 featuring a 0.17carat natural brown diamond
 and 0.25carat in accent diamonds

WR115: 14K White Gold Ring set with .20carat Total Weight 
in Blue and White Diamonds

Diamond Jewelry