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Emerald Rings

Emerald Jewelry 
R1491: The Emerald we jewelers dream of
 This exquisite Emerald has unbelievable color and clarity
 and is set in a timeless Simon G mounting. 

Stunning True Green Emerald Ring
14K White Gold and Diamond ring 
set with a 0.90carat Emerald and 0.66carat in Diamonds

R1854 Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 0.25carat Emerald
 and 0.16carat Diamond Ring 

14K White Gold and Diamond Ring 
set with a center 0.77carat Emerald

R1262: 14K Engraved White Gold and Diamond Ring 
set with a center 0.30carat Emerald

R144114K White Gold Ring set with a 0.60carat Emerald
 and 0.65carat in Diamonds

R2000 14K Yellow Gold 0.77carat Emerald
 and 0.32carat Diamond Ring 

R1587 14K White Gold 0.60carat Emerald 
and 0.20carat Diamond Band 

14K White Gold with Yellow Gold Head. .73carat Emerald 
with Diamonds and engraved patterned band. 

WR178: 14K White Gold Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents. 

R1837: 14K White and Yellow Gold Ring
 set with a 0.89carat Golden Beryl and 0.12carat in Diamonds

Emerald Jewelry