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Opal Rings

Opal Jewelry 
WR184: 18K White Gold Ring set with a 1.85carat Ethiopian Opal 
and 1.06carat in Diamonds. 

WR175: 14K Rose Gold Ring 
set with a stunning 4.08carat Ethiopian Opal 
and 0.31carat in Diamonds

R1850: One of a kind Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 
0.72carat Black Opal and Diamond Ring 

R1428 14K White Gold Stunning Rare 
4.96carat Mexican Fire Opal Ring 
accented in 0.50carat in Diamonds

R2045: 14K Rose Gold 0.24carat Opal and Diamond Ring

R1835 14K Rose Gold 0.91carat Ethiopian Opal 
and 0.35carat Diamond Ring

R1452: 2.48 carat opal is just GLOWING with color! 
It is set in a 14k white gold halo
 with three round diamonds on each shoulder.

R1819: 14K Rose Gold and Opal Ring 
set with a 3.04carat Ethiopian Opal 
and 0.38carat in Diamonds

R2088: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 2.50carat Black Opal Ring

R2087: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold 2.01carat Black Opal Ring

R1818: 14K Rose Gold and beautiful 1.44carat Ethiopian Opal Ring

R1843: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold Ring 
with a 1.63carat Bezel Set Opal 
and 0.10carat in accent Diamonds

R2034 14K Yellow Gold 1.36carat Opal Ring with 0.50carat in Diamonds

Opal Jewelry