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Pearl Rings

Pearl Jewelry 
R1793: 14K White Gold Ring set with a 9.5mm Chocolate Pearl 
and 0.30carat in Diamonds

R151: 14K White Gold Pearl Ring set with One 8.5mm White Pearl 
and 0.35carat in Diamonds

R1369: 14K White Gold and 9mm Tahitian Pearl Ring 

R2053: 14K White Gold 0.20carat Diamond Ring 
set with a 11mm Pearl

R759: 14K White Gold Ring set with a 7.5mm Pearl 
and 0.12carat in Diamonds 
R1162: 14K White Gold 9.5mm Gold Pearl 
accented in 0.12carat in Diamonds 

WR120: 14K White and Yellow Gold Tahitian Pearl Ring 
set with one 11.5mm Tahitian Pearl and 0.65carat in Diamonds

R1363: 14K Rose Gold Chocolate Pearl Ring 
set with one 9.5mm Chocolate Pearl and 0.12carat in Diamonds

Pearl Jewelry