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Tourmaline Rings

Tourmaline Jewelry 
R1654: Beautiful 18K White Gold Ring 
set with a gorgeous 2.30carat Pink Tourmaline 
and 0.30carat in Diamonds

14K White Gold and Diamond ring 
set with a beautiful 3.00carat center Peach Tourmaline 
and 2.00carat in Diamonds. 

R2031: Handmade 18K Yellow Gold Ring 
set with a 0.80carat Tourmaline

R1707: 18K Yellow Gold Ring with unique free form setting 
and brushed finished ring shank. 
Set with one Cabochon Pink Tourmaline 
and 0.12carat in Diamonds. 

R2067: 14K Yellow Gold 1.52carat Green Tourmaline Ring

WR182: 14K Yellow Gold Tourmaline Ring 
set with a 2.19carat center Rubellite Tourmaline
 and 0.43carat in Diamonds

R1839: 14K Yellow Gold and 1.81carat Pink Tourmaline Ring

R1804: Handmade 14K Yellow Gold Tourmaline Ring 
featuring a 0.77carat Rubellite Tourmaline
 and 0.10carat in Diamonds

R1769: 14K White Gold Beautiful 0.70carat Indicolite Tourmaline
 and 0.12carat in Diamonds

 R1253: 14K White Gold bright Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring 

R2089: 18K White Gold 1.25carat Tourmaline Ring with 
0.60carat in Diamonds

R2076: Very Rare 0.91carat Paraiba Tourmaline
with 0.33carat in Diamonds

R1837: 14K Yellow Gold Tourmaline and Diamond Ring 
set with a Teal Green 1.08carat Tourmaline
 and 0.12carat in Diamonds

R1708: 18K Yellow Gold Free Form Ring 
set with a Cabochon Gold Tourmaline and 0.12carat in Diamonds. 

R2063: Fabulous handmade 14K Rose Gold 
1.96carat Bi-Colored Tourmaline Ring

WR122: 18K White Gold Ring set with 1.01carat Chrome Green Tourmaline 
and 0.54carat in Diamonds

WR183: Incredible 18K White and Yellow Gold 
with a Stunning 4.37carat Mint Tourmaline 
and .65carat in Diamonds

R1437: 14K Yellow Gold with an amazing 
12.05carat Center Tourmaline and
0.45carat in Diamonds.

R2047: 18K Rose Gold 
1.90carat Rubellite Tourmaline Ring 
set with 0.50carat in Diamonds

R1270: 18K White Gold Ring with a center 2.26carat Blue Green Tourmaline 
and .20carat in Diamonds.

WR174: 18K White Gold Beautiful Mint Green Tourmaline 
and Diamond ring set with a 1.73carat Oval Mint Tourmaline 
and 0.20carat in Diamonds

R1505: 18K White Gold Light Blue Tourmaline Ring
 featuring a center 2.01carat Light Blue Tourmaline
 and 0.50carat in Diamonds

Tourmaline Jewelry