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Zircon Rings

Zircon Jewelry 
R1499: 14K White Gold set with an amazing 
1.89carat Blue Zircon and .75carat Diamonds

WR151: 14K White Gold Rich Teal 3.37carat Blue Zircon Ring 
with 0.40carat in Diamonds

R1511: Blue Zircon Rock Candy! 14K White Gold 
set with 2.44carat Blue Zircon and .35carat Diamonds

R1554: 14K White Gold set with .20carat in Diamonds
 and a 1.38carat Blue Zircon

R1665: 14K White Gold Ring set with a center 0.71carat Blue Zircon 
and 0.25carat in Diamonds

R1670: 14K White Gold 2.42carat Blue Zircon
 and 0.50carat in Diamonds

WR143: 14K Yellow Gold 3.25carat Blue Zircon 
and 2=0.50carat in Diamonds

R1483: 18K White Gold Rose Zircon Ring set with 
a 5.41carat Rose Zircon and 1.00carat in Diamonds

R1994 Stunning 14K White Gold 3.59carat Golden Zircon
 and 0.56carat Diamond Ring

R1533: 14K White Gold 1.62carat Copper Zircon 
and 0.20carat in Diamonds

WR118: The 14K Yellow Gold and White Gold Ring 
with a warm Copper Brown Zircon and 0.35carat in Diamonds 

R1495: This gorgeous 5.81carat Copper Zircon 
literally looks like it is lit from within.
 0.75carat in Diamonds surrounds the Copper Zircon 
in a classic 14K White Gold mounting.

R1545: 14K White Gold Ring 
set with a stunning 5.39carat Orange Zircon 
and 0.80carat in Diamonds

R1747: 14K White Gold 2.85carat Blue Zircon
 and 0.75carat in Diamonds

R2032: Handmade 18K Satin White Gold Ring set with a 
1.94carat Blue Zircon 

R17563 14K Yellow Gold 0.77carat Blue Zircon Ring 
accented with 0.15carat in Diamonds

Zircon Jewelry