Local Artists

It is important to support our local artists and help enrich our community. We are proud to have local artists work available in store. 

 Adrienne Fair 

Adrienne Fair was born and raised in Glen Ellyn. She graduated from the University of Illinois in 2013 with a BFA Craft: Metals and a Minor in Art History. 

Adrienne Fair's work incorporates clean lines and a harmony between simplicity in design, research, and concept. Her work involves meditative and laborious hand working in traditional craft materials combined in contemporary ways. Adrienne's one of a kind work is centered on a desire to incorporate a living faith into contemporary craft language. The  work consists of all wearable objects, reflecting on personal interaction with each piece. Her work also strives to maintain a balance between one of a kind and production work where one informs and inspires the other. Regardless of the kind of work Adrienne Fair strives to maintain a sense of beauty through color, form, and the confidence it gives the wearer. 

Adrienne uses all Re-purposed leathers in her work.


Mckenna makes incredible low impact jewelry out of her home in Maui. "Wearable art made without burning fossil fuels." Her work is made with out using any external power source. She uses her hands and feet to power any machines she needs, such as a foot pedal sewing machine. Her materials are made from recycled materials. " Rethink, Reduce and Reuse... Re-purposing gives me purpose." Much of the finished jewelry is dependent on old copper flashing and gutters, as well as metal parts form home demolition that she collects. Her work gives new life to materials that would other wise collect and gather in land fills or be melted down in factories to create new disposable goods.