Vintage and Estate

We have a wide selection of Vintage and Estate Pieces ranging from Art Deco rings to gold pocket watches. 
Convertible Ring to Pendant called a RingDant 
Platinum set with 1.75carat Blue Sapphire and 3.00carat in Diamond accents. 

Stunning Platinum Ring circa 1890-1900 set with 0.20carat in Diamonds. 

Platinum and Diamond Ring circa 1900 set with a center 1.15carat Emerald

14K White Gold Art Deco Ring with .30carat in Diamonds and .12carat in Sapphires. 

14K White Gold Vintage Ring set with .10carat in Diamonds.

Tiffany Cross Earrings 1990

Tiffany 18K Yellow Gold Loving Heart Earrings

10K White Gold Opal Ring circa 1930, accented in Rose Gold Roses

14K White Gold Black Baroque Pearl Ring accented in 0.25carat in Diamonds

14K Yellow Gold Mabe Pearl and 0.10carat in Diamonds

10K Yellow Gold Opal and Black Enamel Ring

14K Yellow Gold 0.03carat Diamond Ring

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring featuring 2.00carat in Diamonds

14K Yellow Gold 0.75carat Blue Sapphire Ring

10K Yellow Gold Bow Ring set with Synthetic Ruby and Diamond accents 

10K Yellow Gold Ruby and Emerald Ring 

14K Yellow Gold 0.15carat Diamond and Opal Butterfly Necklace 

Pre-ban authentic, vintage Ivory Bangle. Amazing quality. 
The milky soft ivory is clean, the true detail and pattern of the material really shows. 

Vintage Ladies Watch, gold filled, in great condition and running perfectly. 

Very cool Aurora Pocket Watch Circa 1884, Silver. Complete overhaul 1 year warranty. 

Sterling Silver Coin Bracelet 

Brass Chinese Coin Bracelet 

Sterling Silver Plate Chicago Charm Bracelet 

This heirloom quality, one of a kind, hand-made vintage 14K White Gold, Diamond and Blue Zricon Brooch is timeless. Set with 8carat in Blue Zircons and 3carat total weight in Diamonds it sparkles with elegance.

14K White Gold Vintage Engagement Ring set with a 0.55carat Old Mine Cut Diamond and 0.25carat in side Diamonds

14K White Gold 2.07carat Blue Topaz ring accented by 0.40carat in Diamonds

Unique 18K White Gold 3.00carat Aquamarine Filigree Ring

14K Yellow Gold Lapis Ring accented in 0.50carat in Diamonds

14K Yellow Gold and Carnelian Ring 

18K Yellow Gold Seed Pearl Art Nouveau

14K Yellow Gold Amethyst and Pearl Necklace

10K Yellow Gold and Natural Pearl Necklace 

10K Yellow Gold and Natural Pearl Necklace circa the 1920's 

14K Yellow Gold 0.05carat Diamond Necklace

18K Yellow Gold Framed Cameo Pin and Pendant Combination

14K Yellow Gold Coral and Diamond Cameo Ring circa 1890's

14K Yellow Gold Coral Cameo Ring

10K Yellow Gold Victorian Era Coral Cameo Pin and Pendant Combination 

Gold Plated Cameo Pin and Pendant Combination 

10K Yellow Gold Coral Cameo Ring circa 1930's

10K Yellow Gold Coral Cameo Ring circa 1930's

This Art Deco Era Diamond and 14K White Gold Brooch set with 1.75carat in Diamonds is pure perfection.  The piece can be worn as both a brooch and a pendant and sparkles in every angle. 

Art Deco 18K White Gold Ring set with 0.30carat in Diamonds

Stunning Floral 18K White Gold Engagement Ring set with a 0.55carat Diamond, circa 1930

R1981 14K Yellow Gold 0.18carat Diamond Engagement Ring circa 1920's 

18K White Gold 1920's Ring. Featuring a center 0.30carat Diamond and beautiful hand engraving. 

10K Yellow Gold 8.00carat Smokey Quartz Ring 

14K Yellow Gold Turquoise and Pearl Ring 

These great drop earrings are all natural jade. The jade is set in 14k yellow gold. 
The earrings are non-pierced screwbacks, but can always be converted. 

Sterling Silver Squash Blossom Necklace
Sterling Silver Turquoise Bracelet 

Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Necklace

Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Necklace 

Vintage Turquoise Bean Necklace 

Sterling Silver and Raw Turquoise Pendant 

Sterling Silver Coral Ring

Sterling Silver Coral and Turquoise Ring

Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring 

Sterling Silver and Pink Opal Ring 

Vintage Sterling Silver Concho Earrings